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Fuzzy Logic Control based Three Phase Shunt Active Filter for Voltage Regulation and Harmonic Reduction

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2010 by IJCA Journal
Number 5 - Article 3
Year of Publication: 2010
G. Jayakrishna

G Jayakrishna and K.S.R.Anjaneyulu. Article:Fuzzy Logic Control based Three Phase Shunt Active Filter for Voltage Regulation and Harmonic Reduction. International Journal of Computer Applications 10(5):13–19, November 2010. Published By Foundation of Computer Science. BibTeX

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This paper studies a Fuzzy Logic Control Based (FLCB) Shunt Active Filter (SAF) capable of reducing the total harmonics distortion (THD) in Power System (PS). SAF is one of the key controllers in Flexible Alternating Current Transmission System (FACTS) to control the transmission line voltage and can be used in PS to enhance the power transmission capacity and extend the transient stability. In order to improve the power factor, compensate the reactive power and suppress the total harmonic distortion (THD) drawn from a Non-Linear Diode Rectifier Load (NLDRL) of SAF, we propose a Hysteresis Current Pulse Width Modulation (HCPWM) technique which is used as control for the switches of the Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) or SAF. The synchronous reference D-Q frame theory is used to generate the reference compensating currents for SAF. A fuzzy logic based control is developed to regulate the voltage of the DC capacitor. The system with control scheme is implemented in Matlab/Simulink. The simulation results show the effectiveness of the proposed method for harmonic damping and voltage regulation.


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