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20 June 2024
General Information

The Model

International Journal of Computer Applications (IJCA) is a premier journal encouraging the broadest dissemination of original and novel research in the field of computer science. For several years IJCA has published original research breakthroughs and guided publication policies to optimize the impact, dissemination, visibility and range of the publications to the global research community. IJCA has derived its standing, high quality and wide-ranging portfolio of research with:

  • Moderate pricing
  • Stringent review installations
  • Author friendly rights and policies
  • Open access to published research
  • Highest quality editorial support to authors
Stringent Review

International Journal of Computer Applications' approach to peer review is open and inclusive, at the same time it is based on the most rigorous and merit-based ‘blind’ peer review processes. Referee processes are criterion-referenced and referees selected on the basis of subject matter and disciplinary expertise. Ranking is based on clearly articulated criteria. The result is a refereeing process that is scrupulously fair in its assessments at the same time as offering a carefully structured and constructive contribution to the shape of the published paper.

Call for Referee/ Reviewer

IJCA calls for reviewers/ referees to assist us to review the massive amount of knowledge that is researched and submitted by the researchers, scientists and academicians. Learn More.

Intellectual Excellence

The result is a publishing process which is without prejudice to institutional affiliation, stage in career, national origins or disciplinary perspective. If the paper is excellent, and has been systematically and independently assessed as such, it will be published. This is why International Journal of Computer Applications has so much exciting new material, much of it originating from well known research institutions but also a considerable amount of brilliantly insightful and innovative material from academics in lesser known institutions in the developing world, emerging researchers, people working in hard-to-classify interdisciplinary spaces.


International Journal of Computer Applications has remodeled an economical and non-commercial approach to academic publishing. We believe there are limitations in both the high cost commercial publishing and apparently no-cost open access publishing models. This is why IJCA seeks to discover a practical middle way between the idealism of open access and the inefficiencies and greed of which the journal publishers are increasingly accused. International Journal of Computer Applications has developed a highly disruptive publishing breakthrough wherein the author and the publishers share the publishing and indexing efforts. Further, the cost needed to maintain the archives is achieved from the minimal publishing fees from the authors and our external funding.

International Journal of Computer Applications articles are highly accessible on the web. They are not hidden behind subscription walls.

IJCA follows stringent guidelines on copyright infringement issues. If any external agency or reader or author observes infringement of Intellectual Property, the concerned can address the same with IJCA.

Authors' Rights

Author's Pre-print: Authors can archive pre-print (ie pre-refereeing). Prior to submission to IJCA for peer-review, authors may post their original work in any informal, non-peer-reviewed aggregation or collection.

Author's Post-print: Authors can archive post-print (ie final draft post-refereeing). Authors can post the accepted, peer-reviewed version prepared by the author on Author's own Home Page and/ or any appropriate Institutional Repository. We encourage authors to place complete IJCA citation and a link to the published article for proper citation.

Publisher's Version/PDF: Permission to make digital or hard copies of part or all of the author’s work for personal or classroom use is granted without fee provided that copies are not made or distributed for profit or commercial advantage and that copies bear a notice and the IJCA full citation on the first page. For details refer the IJCA copyright transfer document.