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Number 14 (ISBN: 973-93-80883-59-2)

# Article Title
1 Neural Networks in Machine Learning
Authors : Parul Parashar
2 DOS Attack Reduction by using Web Service Filter
Authors : Sonali Utsai, Ram B. Joshi
3 Multi Domain Supported and Technology Neutral Performance Testing Process Framework
Authors : Udara Rajapakse, Sankha Jayasooriya, Dilhan Manawadu, Anusha Siriwardene
4 Performance Analysis of Cache Resolution Policies for Data Discovery
Authors : Devendra Kumar Jain, Sanjay Sharma
5 Basic Needs for Designing a Good Cooperative Caching Management Technique
Authors : Devendra Kumar Jain, Sanjay Sharma
6 Optimization of Artificial Neural Network Breast Cancer Detection System based on Image Registration Techniques
Authors : Satish Saini, Ritu Vijay
7 The Influence of Technology Characteristics towards an Online Tax System Usage: The Case of Nigerian Self-Employed Taxpayer
Authors : Bojuwon Mustapha, Siti Normala Bt. Sheikh Obid
8 Opinion Observer: Recommendation System on E-Commerce Website
Authors : Mohammad Daoud, S. K Naqvi, Asad Ahmad