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Firewall Anomaly Management: A survey

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2014 by IJCA Journal
Volume 105 - Number 18
Year of Publication: 2014
Ameya Hanamsagar
Ninad Jane
Bhagyashree Borate
Aditi Wasvand
S. A. Darade

Ameya Hanamsagar, Ninad Jane, Bhagyashree Borate, Aditi Wasvand and S a Darade. Article: Firewall Anomaly Management: A survey. International Journal of Computer Applications 105(18):1-5, November 2014. Full text available. BibTeX

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Firewall secures a private network from intrusions from other networks. The firewall has ACLs (Access Control List) that contain rules used to allow or deny incoming traffic. These rules form the security policy of the firewall. The large size and complexity of modern networks result in large and complex firewall policies. Designing policies for a network of firewalls is a difficult task as a number of cases have to be taken into consideration for access control. Also, a network administrator may want to update the policies in order to replace them with new ones. The process of updating firewall policies is difficult and error prone. In this paper, we provide a structured and comprehensive overview of various techniques in regards to firewall anomaly detection. We briefly describe and compare various known algorithms and tools used to detect and/or resolve the firewall anomalies.


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