Call for Paper - November 2020 Edition
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Number 15 (ISBN: 973-93-80885-62-0)

# Article Title
1 Auditory Scale Analysis and Evaluation of Phonemes in MISING Language
Authors : Rizwan Rehman, Gopal Chandra Hazarika, D. Kardong
2 A Survey on Security Solutions of AODV Routing Protocol against Black Hole Attack in MANET
Authors : Mohamedi M. Mjahidi
3 MORAVIG: An Android Agent for the Project Mobile e-Learning Session
Authors : Mohammed Bousmah, Ouidad Labouidya, Najib El Kamoun
4 On Job Chaining MapReduce Meta Expressions of Mapping and Reducing Entropy Densities
Authors : Ravi (ravinder) Prakash G, Kiran M
5 User Intended Privacy Preserving Models in Online Social Networks
Authors : Amal Twinkle Mathew, S. Saravana Kumar, Karthikeyan. M
6 A Comprehensive Survey of Technologies for Building a Hybrid High Performance Intrusion Detection System
Authors : S. J. Sathish Aaron Joseph, R. Balasubramanian
7 Optimized Flame Detection
Authors : Abhilash Nunes, Leroy Dias, Shalem Pereira, Meena Ugale
8 A License Plate Reader using AVR Microcontroller
Authors : Trishala Chougule, Saniya Ansari