Call for Paper - November 2020 Edition
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Number 2 (ISBN: 973-93-80885-49-3)

# Article Title
1 A Fuzzy Logic Approach for Stereo Matching Suited for Real-Time Processing
Authors : M. Perez-patricio, A. Aguilar-gonzalez, J. L. Camas-anzueto, M. Arias-estrada
2 Enhancing Proxy Server cache Management using Log Analysis and Recommendations
Authors : Madhubala Chaurasia, C. S Satsangi
3 Opinion Mining: A Survey
Authors : K. G. Nandha Kumar, T Christopher
4 NASLA: Novel Auto Scaling Approach based on Learning Automata for Web Application in Cloud Computing Environment
Authors : Monireh Fallah, Mostafa Ghobaei Arani, Mehrdad Maeen
5 Epileptic Seizure Prediction using Statistical Behavior of Local Extrema and Fuzzy Logic System
Authors : Hamid Niknazar, Keivan Maghooli, Ali Motie Nasrabadi
6 Study of High Speed Buffer Amplifier using Microwind
Authors : Amrita Shukla, Puran Gaur, Braj Bihari Soni
7 Graph based Recommendation System in Social Networks
Authors : Honey Jindal, Anjali
8 Document Summarization and Evaluation using Knowledge based Super Set Features
Authors : Sneh Garg, Sunil Chhillar