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Number 17 (ISBN: 973-93-80890-99-3)

# Article Title
1 Im​a​ge stitch​ing and 2D to 3D Image Reco​nstruction for Abnormal Activity Detection
Authors : J.L. Mazher Iqbal, M. Suriya Parveen, S. Arun
2 Mobile-Learning Realization and its Application in Academia
Authors : Khalid A. Fakeeh
3 Data Integrity Auditing of Cloud Storage
Authors : Wale Amol D., Vedant Rastogi
4 Adaptive Query Recommendation Techniques for Log Files Mining to Analysis User’s Session Pattern
Authors : Durga Choudhary, Subhash Chandra Jat, Pankaj Kumar Sharma
5 A Comparative Study on Clustering Algorithms using Image Data
Authors : Vikas Tondar, Pramod S. Nair
6 Survey on Project Management System using Event based Scheduler and Ant Colony Optimization
Authors : R. S. Vairagade, Rohan Arora, Vinita Gaikwad, Divyansh Singh, Prachi Jadhav
7 Maximum Distance Band Selection of Hyperspectral Images
Authors : Shahram Latifi, Steven Wilson