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Anti-Phishing framework based on Extended Visual Cryptography and QR code

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2016
Shubhangi Khairnar

Shubhangi Khairnar. Anti-Phishing framework based on Extended Visual Cryptography and QR code. International Journal of Computer Applications 142(5):25-28, May 2016. BibTeX

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Nowadays Online transactions are become very common and there are various attacks occur behind this. In these types of various attacks, phishing is very common attack. For detecting this attack various anti-phishing mechanisms are used. Propose a new authentication scheme for se-cure OTP distribution in phishing website detection through EVC and QR codes. The Website Detection using extended visual cryptography (EVC) technique and OTP to solve the problem of phishing. Here an image based authentication using extended visual cryptography is implemented with the combination of OTP (One Time Password). Image based QR codes authentication using EVC is used. The use of secret sharing technique is discovered to convert the QR code into two shares and both these shares can then be transmitted separately. One Time Passwords (OTP) is passwords which are valid only for a session to validate the user within a specified amount of time. The system provides high security requirements of the online users and protects them against various security attacks. Also the system is very user-friendly. It is reliable method for detecting phishing websites.


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OTP, Phishing, QR, Extended visual cryptography.