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Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in Mobile Wireless Sensor Network

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2016
Pallavi S. Katkar, Vijay R. Ghorpade

Pallavi S Katkar and Vijay R Ghorpade. Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in Mobile Wireless Sensor Network. International Journal of Computer Applications 146(11):39-41, July 2016. BibTeX

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A sensor network is nothing but the collection of number of wireless mobile nodes. Each node route the packet as well as forward the packet until the destination. Many routing protocol have been developed in mobile networks. Protocol selection is the main purpose of the wireless network and selected protocol must be best in all aspects of the mobile network. In this paper, simulation performance analysis is carried out on Adhoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV), Destination Sequenced Distance Vector (DSDV) and Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR) protocol using NS3 simulator. The metrics used for performance evaluation are Throughput, Packet Delivery Ratio and Delay.


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Adhoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV), Destination sequenced Distance Vector (DSDV), Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR) and Mobile wireless sensor network.