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Responsive Web Design Techniques

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2016
Waseem I. Bader, Abdelaziz I. Hammouri

Waseem I Bader and Abdelaziz I Hammouri. Responsive Web Design Techniques. International Journal of Computer Applications 150(2):18-27, September 2016. BibTeX

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As new devices and technologies are invented to access the internet, from computer desktops, laptops, mobile phones to smart TVs, there has been a great need to upgrade the techniques used in the field of website design, because these new devices come along with their own specific sizes and views. Although most devices & technologies try to be as compatible as possible with the common web design features, but there has been an absolute need for website designers to do a lit bit more to adapt to the fast growing race in internet devices and provide all their viewers with the best possible experience while accessing their websites. In this paper, different responsive website design techniques are presented that could adapt to different technologies and devices while at the same time focusing on cutting down the time and effort needed for a website designer or programmer to maintain and edit it. The code samples in this paper were implemented using the programming language, but it can be implemented in other development languages and environments using the same concepts.


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Responsive Website Design, Dynamic Website, Adaptive Design