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Survey on Big Data Analytics and its Applications

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2016
S. Sangeetha, S. Kannimuthu, P. D. Mahendhiran

S Sangeetha, S Kannimuthu and P D Mahendhiran. Survey on Big Data Analytics and its Applications. International Journal of Computer Applications 153(12):9-12, November 2016. BibTeX

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Big data are large set or collection of data which cannot be processed by traditional methods such as data processing. The main problems that big data faces are storing, capturing, transferring, data curing (organization and integration of data that are collected from various resources in order to improve the reusability of the data and preservation of the data for a long period of time), querying etc. Analyzing big data has its significance in the field of social networks, spot business trends, internet, medicine, science, finance, business informatics and even in government. Analyzing data would help in great decision making, which may result in improvement in efficiency, reduction in cost and failure risks. Big data analysis becomes a great thirst for the developing organizations since it becomes difficult for those organizations to process thousands of tera bytes of data. Big data analysis even find its application in understanding the reason for natural or man-made disasters by collecting big data in order to recover from the disaster and to develop the communication since communication is the main challenge that the people face while facing disasters.


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Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Business Analytics