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Creating a Color Map to be used to Convert a Gray Image to Color Image

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2016
Jamil Al Azzeh, Hussein Alhatamleh, Ziad A. Alqadi, Mohammad Khalil Abuzalata

Jamil Al Azzeh, Hussein Alhatamleh, Ziad A Alqadi and Mohammad Khalil Abuzalata. Creating a Color Map to be used to Convert a Gray Image to Color Image. International Journal of Computer Applications 153(2):31-34, November 2016. BibTeX

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We introduce a simple and efficient method for coloring the gray-scale images into the color images with the existing color map or with creating a new one. The general problem of adding chromatic values to a gray-scale image has no exact solution, the current approach attempts to provide a method to minimize the amount of human labor required for this task, rather than choosing RGB colors to individual components, we convert the entire gray-scale image to color by creating a color map then the color map is to be used to color the gray scale image.

We show that this simple method can be successfully applied to a variety of gray scale images and it can be applicable in deferent applications.


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Gray scale image, RGB image, colormap, lockup table, interpolation.