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Load Distribute Across the Cloud Server: Challenges and Algorithms

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2016
Durga Patel, Veena Mishra, R.K.Pateriya

Durga Patel, Veena Mishra and R.K.Pateriya. Load Distribute Across the Cloud Server: Challenges and Algorithms. International Journal of Computer Applications 155(6):36-41, December 2016. BibTeX

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Cloud computing has become as an approved computing model to challenge processing the large volume of data which utilizes clusters of commodity computers. . Load balancing helps to utilize 100% of the resource provided by cloud service provider in a cloud scenario. This is a procedure which actually implements the concepts of task scheduling algorithm, nowadays the load imbalance virtual machine accelerate several networks, storage and energy consumption related irregularities. Due to the extensive operation of cloud computing resources, it became one of the prime goals of the cloud provider to utilize the computing resources efficiently and optimize the physical resource utilization. Numerous algorithms were recommended to suggest potent procedure and algorithms for allocating the user's demand to accessible cloud nodes. These all methodologies wish to gain complete performance of the cloud services and make the user more satisfying, authentic, sensible and well-organized services. Load balancing is implemented by various algorithms, few of these algorithms are promoted because of better energy efficiency, resource utilization and they are fault tolerant too. This paper explored different existing load balancing approaches in a cloud environment along with their anomalies.


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Cloud computing, Load balancing, virtual machine.