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Results of Penetration Testing on different Windows Client Operating Systems

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2016
Sushil N. Gawhale, Ramesh R. Manza, Yogesh M. Rajput

Sushil N Gawhale, Ramesh R Manza and Yogesh M Rajput. Results of Penetration Testing on different Windows Client Operating Systems. International Journal of Computer Applications 156(6):43-45, December 2016. BibTeX

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Windows operating systems are very popular among people from common men to specialists also. We will be working on some operating systems in this paper. People out of there often select windows operating system as importance among several others. So are our information and data secured? To answer this we make use of penetration testing on window client operating system and test various exploits on windows operating system by using the kali Linux Operating system. Try to exploit operating system. Penetration tests provide evidence that vulnerabilities do exist as a result network penetrations are possible as well as any workstation vulnerability. They provide a blueprint for remediation. Methodology include: discovery, enumeration, vulnerability identification, vulnerability assessment, exploitation and launching of attack, reporting, external penetration testing, internal penetration testing, legal issues before you start.


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Exploit, payload, Hacker, Structure hacking, unstructured hacking, Penetration Testing, Information Security.