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Analysis, Design, and Implementation of Intelligent Fuzzy Expert System for Marine Wealth Preservation

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
Yasser A. Nada, Yasser H. Elawady

Yasser A Nada and Yasser H Elawady. Analysis, Design, and Implementation of Intelligent Fuzzy Expert System for Marine Wealth Preservation. International Journal of Computer Applications 161(2):15-20, March 2017. BibTeX

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Fishing has become a major threat to marine fishes. Effective conservation requires timely identification of vulnerable fish species. However, evaluation of extinction risk using conventional methods is difficult due to limitations in data that should be gathered about the fish species and required by such methods. This paper presents a fuzzy expert system that integrates life history and ecological characteristics of marine fishes to estimate their intrinsic vulnerability. There are lots of general and special purpose expert systems that help society in a life particular sector. So, a professional one is selected and adapted for helping in marine wealth preservation. Finally, the proposed fuzzy expert system is used as a decision support tool in fishery management and marine conservation planning.


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Expert System; Forward Chaining; CLIPS; Marine Wealth Preservation; Fuzzy Set Theory engines.