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Novel Cryptographic Algorithm for 4G / LTE-A

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
Eman Ashraf Mohammed, Nihal F. F. Areed, Ali Takieldeen, Mohammed Abd-elazeem

Eman Ashraf Mohammed, Nihal F F Areed, Ali Takieldeen and Mohammed Abd-elazeem. Novel Cryptographic Algorithm for 4G / LTE-A. International Journal of Computer Applications 163(1):5-9, April 2017. BibTeX

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LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the fourth generation of mobile communication systems, Novel cryptographic algorithm based on enhancement at RC6 algorithm presented here. Using two parallel RC6 at connect them together with some functions in order to use 256 bit input block instead of 128 bit input block as the usual RC6 . This proposed method makes the encryption decryption process faster, stronger, and more secure against attacks. The algorithm applied to many types of data files, shown in MATLAB how it works. The results are compared with EEA2 (EPS Encryption Algorithm 2) used in LTE as EPS stands for Evolved Packet System.


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LTE; encryption; AES; RC6