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Survey on Green Computing: Vision and Challenges

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
Ibtehaj AlMusbahi, Ola Anderkairi, Reem H. Nahhas, Bashair AlMuhammadi, Hemalatha M.

Ibtehaj AlMusbahi, Ola Anderkairi, Reem H Nahhas, Bashair AlMuhammadi and Hemalatha M.. Survey on Green Computing: Vision and Challenges. International Journal of Computer Applications 167(10):4-6, June 2017. BibTeX

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Nowadays, the usage of computers is considered a daily necessity. The extravagant practice involving computer technology demands certain degrees of responsibility on the part of users to avoid or minimize harmful impacts associated with negative affecting the environment. The use of computers, their accessories and resources is the environmentally responsible. Green computing is emerging as a prompting solution to this crisis. Green technology is becoming more desired for the public through the work of governments and environmental organizations, and has been growing recently. Previously, the only focus was on IT equipment power processing while the energy’s infrastructure, cooling and data center space is always considered available, certain, and their cost is reasonable. Nowadays, the infrastructure of any data center is the factor that an organization focuses on because it is considered one of the main factors that determine the amount of power consumption in any data center. Behind this change, there are other factors causing the increasing interest of the green computing issue such as fast growing loads of energy cost, growing realization of global warming problems, and increasing the interest of national energy security. This article presents the current and future trends and the challenges that face the researcher in a field of Green Computing to minimize and reduce associated harmful impacts on the environment.


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