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Profile based Novel Approach for Jamming Attack Detection and Prevention in MANET

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
Aparna Raj, Pankaj Kumar Vyas

Aparna Raj and Pankaj Kumar Vyas. Profile based Novel Approach for Jamming Attack Detection and Prevention in MANET. International Journal of Computer Applications 167(4):31-36, June 2017. BibTeX

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The current progression and communication in the corporate, military and industrial sectors. Nevertheless, these progressions have likewise brought new security vulnerabilities. The uses of the security methods of wired systems, for example, access control and confirmation/authentication have been unsuitable to wireless network because of the extraordinary features of such networks, for example, In dynamic evolving topology, no incorporated/centralized control and so forth. Subsequently, accomplishing security objectives for mobile ad hoc network (MANET) has increased critical consideration of the scholarly world and research community in recent years. In MANET security is the major issues in which jamming is one of them. In this attack a jamming node falsely advertise shortest path to destination node and drop all data packet in it. This paper, majorly highlight the behavior of Jamming attack and proposed flooding based defense schemes IDS against jamming attack in MANET. The performance of proposed IDS provides the normal routing performance and proving secure alternative path in MANET. The proposed scheme is simulated using NS-2 network simulator and analysis is performed using performance metrics such as routing overhead, PDR, packet analysis etc. The experimental results of the proposed scheme give improved result which means our proposed scheme is more effective to make the network secure and combat it from jamming attack.


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Security, Jamming attack, IDS, Routing, MANET, NS-2