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Signaling to Establish the Connection between Diverse Devices in WLAN

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
J. T. Anita Rose, A. Chandrasekar, D. Frederick Swartz

Anita J T Rose, A Chandrasekar and Frederick D Swartz. Signaling to Establish the Connection between Diverse Devices in WLAN. International Journal of Computer Applications 169(4):44-48, July 2017. BibTeX

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As the IMS provides session establishment, QoS parameter negotiation, authentication and accounting it is an overlay architecture well qualified for session signaling concerning video in everywhere scenarios. The management of the signaling can be integrated as an application into a home media gateway (HMG) server. Heterogeneous mobile devices working with the diverge of codec leads to signaling disconnection because of parameter mismatch. The HMG server is further responsible for all necessary media signaling towards a proper media server to support the interoperation so that it can identify the disconnection because of SDP parameter mismatch further modify the SDP parameter to establish the connection. HMG also convert the media payload from one format to another so that user equipment able play the video streams. The media signaling requires a dedicated session description and can be provided by SIP or RTSP. This paper proposes a general IMS-based framework for delivering video in everywhere services over several access networks and presents the corresponding signaling flows for on-demand as well as live video calls. It further presents an approach for using SIP and RTSP in cooperation for realizing video on demand scenarios.


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Cooperative Media Streaming, On-Demand Signaling, Live Video Signaling, Connection Establishment for Transcoding.