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Conniving Challenges in Secondary Femtocell Network using DSA on White-Space Channel

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
Nikhil P. Wyawahare, S. L. Haridas

Nikhil P Wyawahare and S L Haridas. Conniving Challenges in Secondary Femtocell Network using DSA on White-Space Channel. International Journal of Computer Applications 169(7):50-57, July 2017. BibTeX

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This paper is based on an exploitation of a femtocell as small scale network for home and office which utilized white-spaces available in spectrums. It is normally free spaces available when spectrum is not in access mode; since such free spectrum normally may present because of incomplete channel used. Now in case spectrum utilization under femtocell service user is promptly knows to be a primary user which required turning in to secondary user. Since primary user having accessing mode mostly of license frequencies, such user need to scan on Dynamic Spectrum Access technique for unlicensed frequency for communication setup under femtocell secondary network. In a proposed paper Scanning is done through controller section, heart of femtocell architecture so that Scalable and configurable property of it can be possible when data centric server system is operated using Linux base. Hence on TDM base messages and data can be routed under certain priority basis. Design challenge leaning become not to change in existing hardware of primary user; while using services provided by femtocell.


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DSA-Dynamic Spectrum Access, Femtocell-small network for home/office, TVWS-TV White-Space, IP- Internet Protocol, and MIMO- Multi input Multi output, DTE- Digital terminal equipment.