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PFPS: Parallel File Protecting System

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
Sheetal Adagale, Trupti Zanje, Aishwarya Sawant, Pratiksha Pandagale, Kanchan M. Varpe

Sheetal Adagale, Trupti Zanje, Aishwarya Sawant, Pratiksha Pandagale and Kanchan M Varpe. PFPS: Parallel File Protecting System. International Journal of Computer Applications 169(8):17-21, July 2017. BibTeX

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Nowadays everything is digitized. We share information on network, even confidential information also get transferred in the form of files. So it require protection of data against corruption and fault tolerance. This needs secure and efficient way to protect private data from illegle usage. For that purpose we have proposed Parallel File protecting System using CPP (CPU Parallel protecting), CPUP (CPU Parallel Unprotecting), GPP(GPU Parallel Protecting), GPUP(GPU Parallel Unprotecting), HPP(Hybrid Parallel Protecting),

HPUP (Hybrid Parallel Unprotecting) which secures file with the help of SHA3, AES and BLAKE2b algorithm. In proposed system we optimized SHA3-256 and parallel AES algorithm for security purpose with GPU Parallelism and CPU Parallelism for high performance. Parallelism is achieved with the help of NVIDIA’s GPU. Along with SHA3 Blake2b is used for fast secure hashing. We have achieved better speed and security with the help of Blake2b. Thus Parallel File Protecting System is secure system and it can be used in computer equipped with NVIDIA’s GPU.


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Deduplication, integrity checking, protecting, unprotecting etc.