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E-Institute using Web Applications

by Wasnaa Kadhim Jawad, Muayad Sadik Croock
International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Volume 170 - Number 3
Year of Publication: 2017
Authors: Wasnaa Kadhim Jawad, Muayad Sadik Croock

Wasnaa Kadhim Jawad, Muayad Sadik Croock . E-Institute using Web Applications. International Journal of Computer Applications. 170, 3 ( Jul 2017), 6-13. DOI=10.5120/ijca2017914718

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%0 Journal Article
%1 2024-02-07T00:17:28.774836+05:30
%A Wasnaa Kadhim Jawad
%A Muayad Sadik Croock
%T E-Institute using Web Applications
%J International Journal of Computer Applications
%@ 0975-8887
%V 170
%N 3
%P 6-13
%D 2017
%I Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA

Recently, the using of electronic based institutes as a part of government has been increased sharply. This is for numerous reasons related to the flexibility and extendibility in addition to the accuracy and time saving. Human Resource Management System (HRMS) becomes prevalent in all institutions and firms due to its high efficiency that could meet work requirement. In this paper, a website based HRMS has been proposed to manage the employee's information in terms of different activities, such as promotions, salary and registration. The proposed system consists of two main parts: a website design as a Graphical User Interface (GUI) and a database. The website is designed using PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS environments, whereas database is built using MySQL version 5.1.30. The proposed system has been tested over different activities. The obtained results show that the proposed system has achieved a high performance and significant efficiency in terms of managing and storing the considered information.

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