Secured Administration and Management of Pertinent Data based on Web Technology and Data Mining

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
Z. A. Usmani, Saiqa Khan, Mustafa Kazi, Aadil Bhatkar, Shuaib Shaikh

Z A Usmani, Saiqa Khan, Mustafa Kazi, Aadil Bhatkar and Shuaib Shaikh. Secured Administration and Management of Pertinent Data based on Web Technology and Data Mining. International Journal of Computer Applications 170(3):23-27, July 2017. BibTeX

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Automation has gained universal popularity these days. This paper lays emphasis on a web-based department automation system which is currently under development process and is primarily aimed at keeping track of faculty details and records. Also, another fundamental aspect considered is the reduction of overall paperwork involved. The application is designed at providing systematic, well planned and well organized working environment for the faculty of institution. Concept of modern-day technologies like data mining and web technology are the understructure of the system. The system focuses at overcoming the drawback of existing method by reducing errors and mistakes in record keeping as data is stored digitally. Computation of queries is processed swiftly to fetch data from a massive database. The application is designed using Eclipse (kepler version), Apache Tomcat server 7.0 along with wamp server to host the database locally. J2EE, JSP along with Html have been used for designing the user interface whereas MySQL database is used for storing data.


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Automation, Web Technology, Data Mining, J2EE, MySQL, Faculty