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Twitter Stream Data Mine System

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
D. P. Brandiwatta, A. H. L. D. C. Kaushalya, K. V. D. L. Sulochana, Nipunika Vithana

D P Brandiwatta, A H L D C Kaushalya, K V D L Sulochana and Nipunika Vithana. Twitter Stream Data Mine System. International Journal of Computer Applications 170(3):34-36, July 2017. BibTeX

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Twitter is a popular social network where users can share short SMS-like messages called tweets. Users share thoughts, links and pictures on twitter, journalists comment on live events, companies promote products and engage with customers. In this research paper introducing a system to users a simple way to look for the tweets and system will give a overall percentage weather post is a positive or negative or neutral . When user search the person who have twitter account, User can see the first 100 tweets and it'll give the percentage with positive, negative and neutral with the emojis. This project based on naive based theory.


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Naive based, Social network, Twitter