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Finger Vein Verification System based on Three Methodologies of Feature Extraction

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
Abbas H. Hassin Alasadi, Zainab N. Nemer

Abbas Hassin H Alasadi and Zainab N Nemer. Finger Vein Verification System based on Three Methodologies of Feature Extraction. International Journal of Computer Applications 172(5):7-11, August 2017. BibTeX

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As a new manner of biometrics measurement, human finger vein pattern has been developed. Many researchers have paid close attention to this topic. In this paper, three methodologies of features extraction are used for finger vein verification system. These methods are; Grey Level Co-occurrence Matrix (GLCM), Tamura, and Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT). Empirically, the results of the proposed algorithm was acceptable and better.


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Finger vein, Feature extraction, GLCM, Tamura, SIFT, Matching Algorithm.