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Smart Home Automation System based on IoT through Speech

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2017
Kajal Purwar, Ashok Verma

Kajal Purwar and Ashok Verma. Smart Home Automation System based on IoT through Speech. International Journal of Computer Applications 172(6):36-42, August 2017. BibTeX

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Home automation is becoming popular day by day due to numerous advantages. Till now the current development shows that the home automation system is managed by Emails, texts or some other applications. This paper provides an idea of using IOT for monitoring and controlling the home appliances via World Wide Web through wireless medium or Wi-Fi. The idea given in this paper aims at controlling home appliances through speech recognition by using raspberry pi as a server system and deploy in IBM Bluemix cloud platform so the system is accessible from anywhere and anytime. Raspberry pi known as a Single Board Computer (SBC) is proposed in this paper to achieve these goals. The voice command function will be given to control any appliances or devices at home. This will provide a better communication in automated home as compared to normal homes.


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Home Automation, Internet of Things, Speech Recognition, Smart Homes, Sensor System, Bluetooth, IBM Bluemix, Raspberry pi 3