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Design and Experimentation of a Wi-Fi-based Low-Power IoT System for Environmental Conditions Sensing

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
N.T. Jayatilake, M.W.P. Maduranga, R.M.C.A.B. Rathanayake

N T Jayatilake, M W P Maduranga and R M C A B Rathanayake. Design and Experimentation of a Wi-Fi-based Low-Power IoT System for Environmental Conditions Sensing. International Journal of Computer Applications 174(14):47-54, January 2021. BibTeX

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This paper intends to provide a state art of Wireless Sensor Network(WSN) design using open source hardware platforms. that can be deployed in different weather conditions to monitor factors such as temperature, humidity, and wind speed. WSNs being flexible and scalable systems consisting of several individual sensor systems are favored in these extreme weather and environmental conditions b because of them requiring significantly less wired connections, hence making the system less susceptible to damage. The sensor units, that use Wi-Fi technology to connect to the central processer of the WSN due to Wi-Fi having a long-range of communication and a high-speed of data transmission under Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), become advantageous when implementing this WSN on a larger scale, with hundreds of sensor nodes. This paper focuses also on designing of a DC-DC power supply for sensor nodes thus sensor nodes consume less power due to its low ripple, high stability.


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Wireless Sensor Network, Wireless Local Area Network, Wi-Fi, Step-down converter, MATLAB, IoT Systems