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Exploring Google’s Platform Services with Augmented Reality Apps in Cultural Tourism Context

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2021
Ana Dhëmbi

Ana Dhëmbi. Exploring Google’s Platform Services with Augmented Reality Apps in Cultural Tourism Context. International Journal of Computer Applications 174(28):13-17, April 2021. BibTeX

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Over the past decade, mobile applications have revolutionized every sector of the economy, including cultural tourism. In this aspect, research in the cultural tourism field has reaffirmed this sector as a major element in the global economy. Also, research trends and recent development of technology has shifted and reshaped cultural tourism by connecting user activity to technological devices and by defining a new perceptual experience. The modern tourist experience is tied to digital geographic awareness, site accessibility and is expanded in numerous directions by the impact of new technologies.

Augmented Reality applications present users with an interactive method to collect information from real-world environments where surroundings are enhanced by computer-generated content, based on GPS information, sensors, and distance to real objects. Today Google Cloud Platform is seen as an efficient way to use cloud computing services that run on the same infrastructure. Spatial data, maps, and Augmented Reality are some of the tools available.

This paper will discuss how Google’s Platform services can enhance user Augmented Reality experience in mobile applications. In consideration of Augmented Reality capabilities and GIS services, a demonstration of how Google Software Development Kit (SDK) known as ARCore functions without any additional hardware, is composed, and merges its features in mobile applications. Bringing ARCore together with AR Android Applications is part of a work-in-progress that not only helps tourists scan various venues around their surroundings but also city-wide small businesses and other tourism subsectors.


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Mobile Applications, Augmented Reality, Google’s Platform, Cultural Tourism, Android Applications, ARCore, Software Development Kit.