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Centralized Electronic Voting System

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2018
Prachi Zalte, Sonali Gajare, Vaibhav Gujarathi, S. J. Pawar

Prachi Zalte, Sonali Gajare, Vaibhav Gujarathi and S J Pawar. Centralized Electronic Voting System. International Journal of Computer Applications 179(27):18-22, March 2018. BibTeX

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There has been a new record set by India for voter turnout at 66.38% for the General Election 2014 and awareness to vote is rising .Since then the need of project to create an electronic voting system which is centralized i.e. the voter can vote from any region and data will be automatically uploaded on a centralized server has become a necessity. Number of voters increases day-by-day as time and population in developing countries increase in decades. In day to day practice, majority of voters are busy or occupied to go for work and most of the voter’s homes are situated far away from the voting centers, also voters don’t like to wait in queues as their time is also valuable. Because of such reasons voter don’t visit the polling booth and percentage of voting is decreasing. Centralized server based voting system is very similar for the amendment of this percentage of voting, which is every person’s right. In ancient voting systems such as the electronic voting and paper based voting, there were issues of security and also the time taken to count the votes were more. Some improvements are needed in this field. The idea of Centralized Electronic Voting System can prove very useful to solve these problems. i.e. Rigging and Security problems are reduced as compared to old system. Because of the Centralized Electronic Voting System the problem of Rigging i.e. Fake Voting and security issues are solved. The voter can cast his vote from any region because of this there is no need to go to particular region for voting and due to this time is saved. As well as the simultaneous counting can be done in this system and because of this time required to display results is less.


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E-Voting Machine, ATmega328 Microcontroller, Fingerprint Sensor, Visual Basic, Authentication.