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SVD-DWT Amalgamated Cryptography Scheme Antagonistic to Noise Attacks

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2018
Swati Dwivedi, Amit Saxena

Swati Dwivedi and Amit Saxena. SVD-DWT Amalgamated Cryptography Scheme Antagonistic to Noise Attacks. International Journal of Computer Applications 179(38):15-19, April 2018. BibTeX

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In order to improve the robustness and imperceptibleness of the algorithm, a new embedding and extracting method with DWT-SVD is proposed. The approximation matrix of the third level of image in DWT domain is modified with SVD to embed the singular value of watermark to the singular value of DWT coefficient. The proposed embedding and extracting method was employed to accelerate the hybrid DWT-SVD cryptography and to avoid the leak of watermark. This hybrid technique leads to optimize both the fundamentally conflicting requirements. The experimental results show both the good robustness under numerous attacks and the high fidelity. The time needed to perform the program is greatly decreased.


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Discrete Wavelet Transform, SVD, PSNR, MSE