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A Conceptual Model for Evaluating Impact of the Local Search Engine Projects (LOSEPs) on Sustainable Development based on Sustainability Indicators

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2018
Mohammad Azadnia, Shamsossadat Zahedi, Alireza Yari

Mohammad Azadnia, Shamsossadat Zahedi and Alireza Yari. A Conceptual Model for Evaluating Impact of the Local Search Engine Projects (LOSEPs) on Sustainable Development based on Sustainability Indicators. International Journal of Computer Applications 179(42):1-11, May 2018. BibTeX

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This paper first provides an introduction to sustainable development and indicators of sustainability. Then, the Local Search Engine (LSE), its achievements and projects will be discussed. The accomplishment of Local Search Engine Projects (LOSEPs) involves a set of micro- and macro-scale projects [Appendix 1].

Sustainable development concentrates on inter- and intra-generational justice, and exploitation of resources in a way to preserve and improve the natural environment for present and future generations. Sustainable development primarily highlights the environment and subsequently the economy, community, politics and other areas.

By developing a set of tools, LOSEPs intends to provide a variety of services, attract more users and influence their lives. Through interaction with users inside the cyberspace, LOSEPs serves to earn huge revenues while setting the ground for transforming lifestyles. The search engine services require several stages, including web crawling, data collection, classification and indexing, storage, retrieval, and so on.

This paper investigated the effects of Local Search Engine Project (LOSEPs) implemented on various aspects of sustainable development. These effects were measured based on indicators of sustainability proposed at international institutions. The expert opinions in this field were obtained through interviews and a questionnaire to determine the efficacies. Finally, the conceptual model was proposed for the effects of LOSEPs on sustainable development and its dimensions.


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Conceptual model, Effects, Local Search Engine Projects (LOSEPs), Sustainable Development