Call for Paper - June 2022 Edition
IJCA solicits original research papers for the June 2022 Edition. Last date of manuscript submission is May 20, 2022. Read More

Volume 18

Number 1

Editor's choice: Study of the Standard JPEG2000 in Image Compression
Author : S.Medouakh, Z-E. Baarir

Number 2

Editor's choice: Congestion Management using Genetic Algorithm in Deregulated Power Environments
Author : S.M.H Nabavi, A. Kazemi, M.A.S. Masoum

Number 3

Editor's choice: On Scale Invariance Texture Image Retrieval using Fuzzy Logic and Wavelet Co-occurrence based Features
Author : Shailendrakumar M. Mukane, Sachin R. Gengaje, Dattatraya S. Bormane

Number 4

Editor's choice: DIC Structural HMM based IWAK-means to Enclosed Face Data
Author : Mohammed Alhanjouri, Hana Hejazi

Number 5

Editor's choice: TMHF: Transmit Max Hop First forwarding Strategy to Optimize the Performance of Epidemic Routing Protocol
Author : Qaisar Ayub, Sulma Rashid, M. Soperi Mohd Zahid

Number 6

Editor's choice: Performance Analysis of WiMax/WiFi System under Different Codecs
Author : Shaffatul Islam, Mamunur Rashid, Mohammed Tarique

Number 7

Editor's choice: Towards IDEs for Physically Challenged Programmers
Author : Amir Zeid, Hani Ghalayini, Mohammad Al-Sulaiman, Ghanim Al-Ghanim, Abdulla Al-Jassim, Abdulrahman Al-Failakawi

Number 8

Editor's choice: Fast Template Matching Method based Optimized Sum of Absolute Difference Algorithm for Face Localization
Author : Nadir Nourain Dawoud, Brahim Belhaouari Samir, Josefina Janier