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A Web-based Decision Support System with SMS-based Technology for Agricultural Information and Weather Forecasting

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2018
Jumoke Soyemi, Adesi Adesola Bolaji

Jumoke Soyemi and Adesi Adesola Bolaji. A Web-based Decision Support System with SMS-based Technology for Agricultural Information and Weather Forecasting. International Journal of Computer Applications 180(16):1-6, February 2018. BibTeX

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This study designed a framework to assist farmers increase their productivity by receiving weather information through decision support system. The system has been developed to keep track of weather information related to agriculture. With the growing population and demands to improve crop productivity; there is the need to make available sustainable resource practice that serves better both the communities and the nation. In satisfying this need, a web-based application which contains informative and insightful agricultural tutelages was developed to aid decision making in agro-processing, stimulate the farmer’s climate information and provide useful information required to enhance crop productivity, especially in the rural areas. The application uses Short Message Service (SMS) Technology to disseminate weather forecasting to farmers according to their eWarning setup. Therefore, the Decision Support System with all the ready agricultural and weather information will be a huge advantage to farmers at large and is expected to impact positively on the present economy situation of the nation through increase in smallholder’s productivity.


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Decision Support System, SMS Technology, Weather forecasting, Agricultural information, eWarning