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Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols under Security Issues through Use of NS2 Simulator

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2018
Akanksha Bali, Malvika Ashok, Megha Mahajan

Akanksha Bali, Malvika Ashok and Megha Mahajan. Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols under Security Issues through Use of NS2 Simulator. International Journal of Computer Applications 180(20):38-44, February 2018. BibTeX

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Security has become a primary concern in order to provide protected communication between mobile nodes in a hostile environment. Unlike the wired networks, the unique characteristics of MANET pose a number of non-trivial challenges to security design. In MANETs, routing protocols are necessary to find specific paths between the source and the destination. MANET routing protocols are categorized into three types named as proactive, reactive, hybrid. To Provide Connectivity, Wireless MANETs take the help of multi-hop peer to peer routing. The MANETs topology change with time. MANETs have applications in several military and civilian areas. This paper contains comparison related to five different types of routing protocols named as AODV, DSDV, DSR, ZRP and OLSR. In MANET, these protocols are used for active routing under the several scenarios which plays a complex role in places where wired networks neither present nor economical to play. My objective was to implement Five routing protocols named above by using NS2 and compared their performances under different Parameters and metrics by using Attack and without attack.


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MANETs, DSR, DSDV, ZRP, AODV, OLSR, NS2, Routing Protocols, Black Hole Attack, AODV-BH, DSDV-BH, DSR-BH, ZRP-BH, OLSR-BH