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IBBB Inter Frame Prediction of H.264 /AVC

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2018
Mohamed Al-Jammas, Rusul Nabeel

Mohamed Al-Jammas and Rusul Nabeel. IBBB Inter Frame Prediction of H.264 /AVC. International Journal of Computer Applications 181(14):1-4, September 2018. BibTeX

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As the world expanded around us and increased the popularity of the Internet by sending receiving, uploading or downloading the high definition videos, it was necessary to use a good technology to reduce the size of the dedicated video and specialized high-quality one. If the videos are send or receive, they need a wide bandwidth to capture this amount of information in the video. Based on the above, the H.264/AVC is a good technology that gives great results for encoding and decoding videos. This technology was developed jointly by (ITU-T) International Telecommunication Union–Telecommunication Standardization, and (ISO) International Organization for Standardization.

Our work involves applying the encoding and decoding process of the standard using MATLAB (2013Ra) program. The work is focusing in inter frame prediction using the (IBBB) frame pattern. The video that was subjected to encoding and decoding processing was (Xylophone video name) with (240X320) size and (30f/sec) as a bit rate.


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