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Pre-Earthquake Early Warning System

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2018
Drasti Chauhan, Kashyap Dobariya, Pratik Gadhiya, Bhavin Dhamecha

Drasti Chauhan, Kashyap Dobariya, Pratik Gadhiya and Bhavin Dhamecha. Pre-Earthquake Early Warning System. International Journal of Computer Applications 181(21):27-31, October 2018. BibTeX

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Natural disasters and accidents are one bad truth of human civilization. One may not have a total control over it but one can reduce the vast effect of this catastrophe if one is well informed. So, we thought of making an App which will be helpful in this worst situation to minimize the aftermath.

The android App will be helpful majorly in the time of Earthquake and can be used as a medium to inform. Also, it will provide the information regarding other Natural disastrous events like cyclone, tsunami, flood, forest fire, etc. In case of natural calamity, we will be using the statistical analysis and will be able to locate the epicenter, responsible for the cause. Upon receiving the alerts about the natural calamity on the remote server, the server will compute whether to inform rest of the App users or not depending upon the result of the analysis performed by our algorithm. If the algorithm result comes out to be true, other App users of that area / location will be informed in no time and thousands of lives can be saved from all these Catastrophe and hence the name "Devastation Assist".


  1. Natural Disaster Monitor
  2. My Earthquake Alerts
  3. India Earthquake Alerts
  4. Earthquake Network - Realtime alerts
  5. LastQuake
  6. Earthquake Data from USGS (United States Geological Services).
  7. Precaution to be taken in the time of earthquake.
  8. Android Application spinner guidelines taken from stake overflow.
  9. Fetching user’s current location help taken from stake overflow.
  10. Registration validation guidelines for android related applications for security.
  11. Google firebase for the notification purposes.


Disasters, Earthquake, Safety, Panic Alert, Weather, Precautions, Seismograph.