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A Proposed Model for Monitoring Students Health based on Internet of Things

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2019
Doaa M. A. Hawa, Abeer M. H. Saad, Manal S. A. Elbelkasy

Doaa M A Hawa, Abeer M H Saad and Manal S A Elbelkasy. A Proposed Model for Monitoring Students Health based on Internet of Things. International Journal of Computer Applications 181(46):8-12, March 2019. BibTeX

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Among the wide and impressive range of applications enabled by Internet technology, IOT remains smart and interactive health care systems that are especially important for gathering rich information about our mental and physical health. The sensors in IOT are used either on the body or in the surrounding environment, by integrating mobile technology into IOT-based health care systems; the interactive care system can be transformed into a preventive and effective health system. In this context, the IOT-based health care system calculates the severity of the student's illness by predicting the potential disease by extracting and deriving health measurements collected from medical devices and other IOT devices. In order to effectively analyze student health care data, a smart health care system was designed for students. In our case study, a set of data and characteristics for each case of disease were included. This data is further analyzed to verify the image of the model, using different classification algorithms and then calculating the results based on accuracy, sensitivity, privacy and response time. Moreover, the proposed methodology effective in decision-making by providing sensitive information to the time-based care or specialist doctor on time. Finally, the system presents the results of the diagnosis to the list of data again to make a centralized feedback and an update and use later.


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(IOT) Internet of things; Health care; Cloud computing.