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A Technique for Hand Gesture Recognition on Real Time Basis

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2018
Ayushi Shrivastav, Radhika Agrawal, S. G. Mundada

Ayushi Shrivastav, Radhika Agrawal and S G Mundada. A Technique for Hand Gesture Recognition on Real Time Basis. International Journal of Computer Applications 181(9):43-46, August 2018. BibTeX

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Sign gesture is a non-verbal visual language, different from the spoken language in terms of medium of communication, but serves the same function for hearing & speech impaired community. Gesture Recognition, and more specifically hand gesture recognition, is one of the typical methods used in sign language for non-verbal communication. It is often very difficult for the hearing & speech impaired community to communicate their ideas and creativity to the normal humans. This paper focuses on discussing different methods to identify the gesture. Method for hand segmentation is discussed in terms of the different approaches to sub-components of the identifying the gesture. The judgement parameters are accuracy in real time performance, processing time, processor utilization, etc.


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Hand gesture recognition, Image processing, Human computer interaction (HCI), K-means clustering, Hand segmentation, hand gestures