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Survey on Network Simulators

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2018
Ronit L. Patel, Maharshi J. Pathak, Amit J. Nayak

Ronit L Patel, Maharshi J Pathak and Amit J Nayak. Survey on Network Simulators. International Journal of Computer Applications 182(21):23-30, October 2018. BibTeX

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Simulation software plays a vital role in real-world implementation. Practically hardware setup of network topologies is very costly and strenuous to modify often. Hence various simulators act as the prototype of the real system. These days a wide range of network simulators are accessible, some of them are committed to the wired network, some of them to the wireless network or some dedicated to both type of networks. There are many simulators available such as Ns-2, Ns-3, OMNeT++, NetSim, J-SIM, REAL, OPNET, OMNEST, QualNet, GloMoSim, TOSSIM, DRMSim, TraNS, NTCUns etc. Out of these varieties of simulators, it is difficult for one to select network simulator based on the requirement for a specific job. The following paper provides comparison based analysis of various network simulators. Simulators taken into consideration are Ns-2, Ns-3, OMNeT++, NetSim, REAL, OPNET and QualNet. Information about simulators such as features, advantages, disadvantages, backend environment, the supporting operating system, and minimum hardware requirement is discussed in the following paper. So based on above-mentioned information and analysis, one can make choice of an appropriate network simulator based on the requirements.


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Simulation, Network Simulator, Simulators comparison, OMNeT++, Ns-2, Ns-3, REAL, NetSim, OPNET, QualNet, Event driven, GUI support.