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Energy Efficient MIH based Independent and Heterogeneous Vertical Handover Algorithm

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2018
S. S. Sambare, M. U. Kharat, Avinash U. Jadhav

S S Sambare, M U Kharat and Avinash U Jadhav. Energy Efficient MIH based Independent and Heterogeneous Vertical Handover Algorithm. International Journal of Computer Applications 182(21):53-58, October 2018. BibTeX

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In recent years wireless technologies are most popular in modern world; similarly in communication field also essential for multi-mode wireless devices in heterogeneous wireless network environments. To make a seamless handover among heterogeneous networks, the optimal selection of a network is a challenging task. The main issue in RAT is to manage the handover efficiency between one region to other region communication. Handover is the process of communicating from one region to other region without any interruptions; we apply Media Independent Handover (MIH) method with global access point services. Through this we can show the communication can be carried out by the Access point associated with Base station, so that the Source can efficiently communicate with any mobile users (nodes) presented in any regions with full independent support. So that the handover based communication is achieved via MIH methodology. Quality of Service (QOS) is the main concern over wireless communications, so that the successful route establishments will be achieved via Route Request and Route Response methodologies. Source and destinations are communicated via route requesting and response methodology, if any neighbor node fails to send response back to request that will be considered as the Malicious or abnormal node, as well as I will not be a part for further precedence in communications. In simulation environment, apart from the paper implementations we can show multicasting routing methodology to show our results are best with more destinations as well. For all the proposed results should prove the energy efficiency is more, delay is reduced, performance and network lifetime is improved, we show these details via graphical results.


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Energy efficiency, vertical handover, handover decision algorithm, Energy efficiency