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Adaptive Tabu Search Optimization Applied on Fuzzy Logic DC Motor Speed Control

International Journal of Computer Applications
Foundation of Computer Science (FCS), NY, USA
Year of Publication: 2019
Amer Mohammad Jarjees, Omar Turath Tawfeeq, Ali Abbawi Mohammed Alabbawi

Amer Mohammad Jarjees, Omar Turath Tawfeeq and Ali Abbawi Mohammed Alabbawi. Adaptive Tabu Search Optimization Applied on Fuzzy Logic DC Motor Speed Control. International Journal of Computer Applications 182(45):30-36, March 2019. BibTeX

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In this work , two different types of controllers has been used, the first one is presents the application of fuzzy logic for DC motor speed control using Adaptive Tabu Search optimization and the second is Ziegler-Nlchols methods for PID controller tuning.

A comparative study was done for two type of controllers, namely adaptive tabu search based tuning of fuzzy controller (Fuzzy-ATS) and Ziegler– Nichols methods for PID controller tuning to control of nonlinear drive.

The work main objective is to obtain best performance of the system in both transient and steady state response represented by, minimum settling time and minimum overshoot under various conditions such as : change in load , change in speed and change in both load and speed of the motor .


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Adaptive Tabu search, DC motor, Fuzzy Controller, Optimal Control.