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Fast Handoff Mechanism in Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) using Neighbor Graph Algorithm

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2011 by IJCA Journal
Number 9 - Article 4
Year of Publication: 2011
Debabrata Sarddar
Papri Mani
Utpal Biswas

Debabrata Sarddar, Papri Mani, Utpal Biswas and M.K.Naskar. Article: Fast Handoff Mechanism in Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN) using Neighbor Graph Algorithm. International Journal of Computer Applications 25(9):36-40, July 2011. Full text available. BibTeX

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Rapid progress in the research and development in wireless technology has created different types of high performance and highly optimized wireless networks. They provide various types services like VoIP, multimedia, video conference, chatting etc. Unreliable and inefficient handoff procedures reduce the quality and reliability of the networks. So to maintain a certain level of Quality of Service (QoS) a seamless handoff should be ensured. Throughout the last few years there has been plenty of research aimed towards reducing handoff delay incurred in the different level of wireless communications. Here we propose a fast handoff method in which we use pre-authentication based on Neighbor Graph Algorithm.


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