Call for Paper - March 2023 Edition
IJCA solicits original research papers for the March 2023 Edition. Last date of manuscript submission is February 20, 2023. Read More

Volume 36

Number 1

Editor's choice: Enhanced Link based Congestion Control (ELCC) in Peer-to-Peer (P2P) based Video on Demand (VoD) System
Author : Arockia Xavier Annie R., Vanitha Sheba M., Yogesh P.

Number 2

Editor's choice: Setting a Worm Attack Warning by using Machine Learning to Classify NetFlow Data
Author : Shubair A. Abdulla, Sureswara Ramadass, Altyeb Altaher, Amer Al Nassiri

Number 3

Number 4

Editor's choice: Implementation of WAP through an Innovative and Efficient Technique
Author : Shorya Agrawal, Nirved K. Pandey, Amit Kanskar

Number 5

Number 6

Editor's choice: MGS-CM: A Multiple Scoring Gene Selection Technique for Cancer Classification using Microarrays
Author : Dina Ahmed Salem, Rania Ahmed Abul, Hesham Arafat Ali

Number 7

Number 8

Editor's choice: H.264/SVC Performance and Encoder Bit-stream Analysis
Author : Amina Kessentini, Imen Werda, Amine Samet, Mohamed Ali Ben Ayed, Nouri Masmoudi

Number 9

Editor's choice: A Robust Wavelet Packet based Blind Digital Image Watermarking using HVS characteristics
Author : C. Patvardhan, A. K. Verma, C. Vasantha Lakshmi

Number 10

Editor's choice: Optimized Filtering and Compression System for an Earth Observation Satellite
Author : Gutembert Nganpet Nzeugaing, Prof. Elmarie Biermann

Number 11

Editor's choice: Design and Development of an Image Classification and Recognition System for CubeSat Constellation
Author : Jean Marie Gashayija, Almarie Biermann

Number 12

Editor's choice: Segmentation of MR Brain Images using a Data Fusion Approach
Author : Lamiche Chaabane, Moussaoui Abdelouahab