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Recent Developments in Text Clustering Techniques

International Journal of Computer Applications
© 2012 by IJCA Journal
Volume 37 - Number 6
Year of Publication: 2012
Saurabh Sharma
Vishal Gupta

Saurabh Sharma and Vishal Gupta. Article: Recent Developments in Text Clustering Techniques. International Journal of Computer Applications 37(6):14-19, January 2012. Full text available. BibTeX

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In order to make better business decisions, faster database browsing and reducing processing time of queries, Extraction of Information from text documents in efficient manner is needed. Clustering of huge number of text documents into different clusters, for better management of information, provides for a wide area in which a whole lot of research is currently being pursued. Recent developments in this area have tried number of different techniques. This paper reviews and discusses “Text Clustering” and partially covers all major techniques currently in use for the Process.


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