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Number 2 (ISBN: 978-93-80866-09-4)

# Article Title
1 Towards Understanding Theoretical Developments in Natural Language Processing
Authors : Mehnaz khan, Dr. Mehraj-ud-Din Dar, Dr. S.M.K. Quadri
2 Robot Aided Remote Medical Assistance System using LabVIEW
Authors : N Natarajan, S Aparna, J Sam Jeba Kumar
3 Real Time Dynamic State Estimation for Power System
Authors : A. Thabet, M. Boutayeb, M.N. Abdelkrim
4 Different Self Excitation Techniques for Slip Ring Self Excited Induction Generator
Authors : Swati Devabhaktuni, S.V.Jayaram Kumar
5 Design of Optimal L1 Stable IIR Digital filter using Hybrid Optimization Algorithm
Authors : Ranjit Kaur , Manjeet Singh Patterh, J.S. Dhillon
6 Rank-Level Fusion of Multispectral Palmprints
Authors : Neha Mittal , Madasu Hanmandlu, Jyotsana Grover, Ritu Vijay
7 Enhanced ROI (Region of Interest Algorithms) for Medical Image Compression
Authors : Janaki. R , Dr.Tamilarasi.A, Krishan Kumar
8 Computer Interface to Accurately Determine Fermi Energy and Fermi Temperature of Materials
Authors : Prashant Kumar Tripathi, Gangadharan K V