Call for Paper - November 2023 Edition
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Volume 46

Number 1

Editor's choice: New Method for the Systematic Determination of the Model's base of Time Varying Delay System
Author : Saïda Bedoui, Majda Ltaief, Kamel Abderrahim

Number 2

Number 3

Editor's choice: A Wireless Mobile-Phone Approach to Traffic Signal Preemption for Faster Service of Emergency Vehicles
Author : Hussein R. Al-zoubi, Sahar Z. Shatnawi, Alaa I. Kalaf, Balqees A. Mohammad

Number 4

Editor's choice: Analysis of Chemotaxis in Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm
Author : Livjeet Kaur, Mohinder Pal Joshi

Number 5

Number 6

Editor's choice: Dynamic Load Balancing of Virtual Machines using QEMU-KVM
Author : Akshay Chandak, Krishnakant Jaju, Akshay Kanfade, Amit Joshi, Pushkar Lohiya

Number 7

Editor's choice: A Survey of Issues in Multimedia Databases
Author : Madiha Waris, Farooque Azam, Abdul Wahab Muzaffar

Number 8

Editor's choice: Implementation of a New Hybrid Method for Stemming of Arabic Text
Author : Tahar Dilekh, Ali Behloul

Number 9

Editor's choice: Multilevel Test Method for testing Microcontroller based ECG system
Author : Neelesh Jain, Ashish Verma, Shalini Jain

Number 10

Number 11

Editor's choice: Spectral and Spatial Classification of High Resolution Urban Satellites Images using Haralick features and SVM with SAM and EMD distance Metrics
Author : Aissam Bekkari, Soufian Idbraim, Azeddine Elhassouny, Driss Mammass Danielle Ducrot, Mostapha El Yassa, Danielle Ducrot

Number 12

Editor's choice: Design and Implementation of the User Interfaces and the Applications for Mobile Devices
Author : Ahmed S. Ghiduk, Mohammed Elashiry

Number 13

Editor's choice: The Early Identification of Functional and Non-Functional Crosscutting Concerns
Author : Narender Singh, Nasib Singh Gill

Number 14

Editor's choice: Model based Testing for Software Systems: An Application of Markov Modulated Markov Process
Author : Abhinav Kashyap, Thomas Holzer, Shahryar Sarkani, Tim Eveleigh

Number 15

Editor's choice: Performance Analysis and Intelligent Power Controller Design of Soft Switched Half Bridge dc/dc Converter using Neural Networks
Author : Mukhtiar Ahmed Mahar, Abdul Sattar Larik, Mohammad Rafiq, Mohammad Aslam Uqaili

Number 16

Editor's choice: Identification of Premature Ventricular Contraction ECG Signal using Wavelet Detection
Author : I Dewa Gede Hari Wisana, Thomas Sri Widodo, Mochammad Sja'bani, Adhi Susanto

Number 17

Editor's choice: Enhancement in a Formal V&V Approach for Real-Time Databases
Author : Andleeb Shahnaz, Farooque Azam

Number 18

Editor's choice: Multi Objectives heuristic Algorithm for Grid Computing
Author : Fahd Alharbi

Number 19

Editor's choice: Urdu Text Summarizer using Sentence Weight Algorithm for Word Processors
Author : Aqil Burney, Badar Sami, Nadeem Mahmood, Zain Abbas, Kashif Rizwan

Number 20

Number 21

Number 22

Number 23

Editor's choice: Software Performance Quality Evaluation of MINPHIS Architecture using ATAM
Author : Ishaya Gambo, Abimbola Soriyan, Philip Achimugu

Number 24

Editor's choice: Spine MRI Image Retrieval using Texture Features
Author : N. Kumaran, R. Bhavani