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Number 4 (ISBN: 973-93-80868-42-4)

# Article Title
1 Analysis of Mobile IP Protocols Security
Authors : Amit Gupta, Sumit Miglani, Maninder Singh
2 Secure Sensor Node Authentication in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : Abdullah Al-mahmud, Rumana Akhtar
3 Analysis of Chemotaxis in Bacterial Foraging Optimization Algorithm
Authors : Livjeet Kaur, Mohinder Pal Joshi
4 Language Identification of Kannada Language using N-Gram
Authors : Deepamala. N, Ramakanth Kumar. P
5 Row-wise DCT Plane Sectorization in CBIR
Authors : H. B. Kekre, Dhirendra Mishra, Shikha Shah, Rohan Shah, Chirag Thakkar
6 An Impregnable Block Cipher Generation using Modern Transposition and Substitution Algorithms with a large Key, Modular Arithmetic and Integral Functions
Authors : S. Udaya Kumar, Ravindra Babu Kallam, A. Vinaya Babu
7 On Some Critical Issues in Component Selection in Component based Software Development
Authors : Jeetendra Pande
8 A Robust Real Time People tracking and Counting incorporating shadow detection and removal
Authors : J. L. Raheja, Sishir Kalita, Pallab Jyoti Dutta, Solanki Lovendra