Call for Paper - January 2024 Edition
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Volume 54

Number 1

Editor's choice: Secured Wireless Data Communication
Author : Dnyanda Namdeo Hire

Number 2

Number 3

Number 4

Editor's choice: Active Contour without Edges vs GVF Active Contour for Accurate Pupil Segmentation
Author : Walid Aydi, Nouri Masmoudi, Lotfi Kamoun

Number 5

Editor's choice: A Feedback Neural Network for Solving Nonlinear Programming Problems with Hybrid Constraints
Author : Hamid Reza Vahabi, Hasan Ghasabi-oskoei

Number 6

Editor's choice: Evaluation of Unified Security, Trust and Privacy Framework (UnifiedSTPF) for Federated Identity and Access Management (FIAM) Mode
Author : Zubair Ahmad Khattak, Suziah Sulaiman, Jamalul-lail Ab. Manan

Number 7

Editor's choice: A Novel Integrated AHP-QFD Model for Software Project Selection under Fuzziness
Author : Tuli Bakshi, Bijan Sarkar, Subir Kumar Sanyal

Number 8

Editor's choice: Image Restoration using a Network of Reduced and Regularized Neural Networks
Author : Fillali Ferhat, Maza Sofiane, Graini Abid

Number 9

Editor's choice: Automatic Segmentation of Connected Thin Peripheral Vessels in Chest CT Scan Images
Author : P. Ammi Reddy, E. V. Krishna Rao, I. Ramesh Babu

Number 10

Editor's choice: Control of an Actuator DC Energy-saving dedicated to the Electric Traction
Author : Moez Hadj Kacem, Souhir Tounssi, Rafik Neji

Number 11

Editor's choice: An Efficient Approach for Extraction of Actionable Association Rules
Author : Prashasti Kanikar, Ketan Shah

Number 12

Editor's choice: An Operational Framework for Alert Correlation using a Novel Clustering Approach
Author : Ashara Banu Mohamed, Norbik Bashah Idris, Bharanidharan Shanmugum

Number 13

Number 14

Number 15

Number 16

Editor's choice: New Optimized Network Selection Decision in Heterogeneous Wireless Networks
Author : Mohamed Lahby, Leghris Cherkaoui, Abdellah Adib

Number 17

Editor's choice: Parallel Hermite Interpolation on Extended Fibonacci Cubes
Author : B. N. B. Ray, Alok Ranjan Tripathy, S. P. Mohanty

Number 18

Editor's choice: A Class of Non Invertible Matrices in GF(2) for Practical One Way Hash Algorithm
Author : Artan Berisha, Behar Baxhaku, Artan Alidema