Call for Paper - July 2023 Edition
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Number 1 (ISBN: 973-93-80870-45-1)

# Article Title
1 Application of Finite Difference Method and PSO Algorithm in Seismic Analysis of Narmab Earth Dam
Authors : Seyed Razi Anisheh, Seyed Mahmoud Anisheh, Morteza Jiryaei Sharahi, Mostafa Bastam
2 An Implementation of Different Non Linear PID Controllers on a single Tank level Control using Matlab
Authors : D. V. L. N. Sastry, Gssssv. Krsihna Mohan, M. S. R. Naidu, N. Mohana Rao
3 MFCC and Prosodic Feature Extraction Techniques: A Comparative Study
Authors : Nilu Singh, R. A. Khan, Raj Shree
4 Impact of Warehouse Management System in a Supply Chain
Authors : Ramaa. A, K. N. Subramanya, T. M. Rangaswamy
5 Fast Computation of the Shortest Path Problem through Simultaneous Forward and Backward Systolic Dynamic Programming
Authors : Nuha A. S. Alwan, Ibraheem K. Ibraheem, Sabreen M. Shukr
6 Secured Wireless Data Communication
Authors : Dnyanda Namdeo Hire
7 High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Changes Detection using Agglomerative Fuzzy K-Means Clustering Algorithm
Authors : C. Pandimuthu, K. Kuppusamy
8 A Novel Technique to Detect Faces in a Group Photo
Authors : Saravanan Chandran