Call for Paper - January 2023 Edition
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Number 4 (ISBN: 973-93-80870-48-7)

# Article Title
1 Performance Evaluation of MIPv6 and HMIPv6 in terms of Key Parameters
Authors : Virender Kumar, G. C. Lall, Pawan Dahiya
2 A Rough Type-2 Fuzzy Clustering Algorithm for MR Image Segmentation
Authors : Shahin Ara Begum, O. Mema Devi
3 A QoS towards Dynamic Web services Recapitulation and Selection
Authors : Ashok Kumar. P. S, G. Mahadevan, Gopal Krishna. C
4 A Novel Algorithm to Select Cluster Heads with Highest and Balanced Energy in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors : Abdo Saif Mohammed, M. N. Shanmukha Swamy
5 Active Contour without Edges vs GVF Active Contour for Accurate Pupil Segmentation
Authors : Walid Aydi, Nouri Masmoudi, Lotfi Kamoun
6 Energy Efficient Data Aggregation using Voronoi based Genetic Clustering Algorithm in WSN
Authors : S. Nithyakalyani, S. Suresh Kumar
7 Assessment of Understanding using Concept Map: A Novel Approach
Authors : Kumar R, Sarukesi K, Uma G V
8 Image Enhancement through Contrast Improvement in ROI using Local PGI Model
Authors : I. Suneetha, T. Venkateswarlu